The laser protection curtain (ML-6) is available in a broad range of mobile or stationary designs according to specific customer


Laser protection curtain

endless according to measurements

Article No.: LSV1510ML-6 (one-sided ML-1)

Article No.: LSV1510ML-6-2 (two-sided ML-1)

For opening and sealing off hazardous areas

Carbonized ML-6 fabric

Hooks and eyelets for fastening on tube structures


• Limitation of protection zones

• Mode to order

• Protection of shelving

• Room divider

Vertical blinds

overlapping (33 %)

• Article No.:

• Ensures sealing off and accessibility

of hazardous area

• Carbonized ML-6 fabric

• Pendulum shells for fastening on tube structures

• Width 300 mm, length 2,000 mm


• Ideal for protection of doors and windows

• Can be combined with endless curtains

• Pendulum shells, 200 mm