Wire Feeders


I-24A and ST ® Series

Industrial Bench Feeders

70 Series


Bench Feeders

Designed for manufacturing,

our popular bench feeders

are available in three series with

multiple models to fit your needs.

D-74 MPa Plus


ST-44 D


ST Series models include 1.0/1.2 mm reversible drive rolls

and 70 Series models include 1.2 mm drive rolls.

I-24A, ST Series and 70 Series Features


Trigger hold

Adjustable run-in control

Automatic run-in control

Digital meters

Remote voltage control


Spot control


coolant fittings

Dual-wire models

Rotatable drive assembly


Dual schedule control

Trigger program select

Trigger dual schedule

Sequence control

Locks and limits

Weld programs

Trigger schedule select

Push-pull capability

Synergic pulsed MIG

Profile Pulse™


ST Series




70 Series

74D 74MPA


Trigger hold allows the operator to make long welds without having to hold the trigger

continuously. Reduces operator fatigue.

Miller® standard, quick-change drive rolls save time.

Easy loading and threading of welding wire without having to release the drive roll

pressure arm.

Additional features for 70 Series feeders

Available in dual-wire models which allows two different wire types to be available on

one feeder, avoiding downtime from changing spools and drive rolls.

Toolless rotatable drive assembly allows operator to rotate the drive housing, allowing a

straight path for wire flow.

Quick-release drive-roll pressure arm allows drive roll change without losing spring

preload setting.

High-torque permanent-magnet motor, sealed ball bearing gear drive and solid-state

speed and brake control are maintenance free for long life.

 Standard  Optional

I-24A, ST-24 and ST-44 See literature M/6.91x (I-24A), WFM/4.0 UK (ST-24) and WFM/51.2 UK (ST-44)

Simple and cost-effective feeders for industrial manufacturing and fabricating.

Industrial, four-roll gear-driven, cast aluminium drive system with

heavy-duty motor. Provides exceptional feed performance, reliability

and wire speeds ranging from 1.3–20 meters per minute.

Scaled wire pressure knob.

Adjustable run-in and burnback controls allow the operator to set the

optimum arc starts and stops, reducing wire stubbing, arc flaring or wire

burning back. ST Series only.

Euro-style or US-style torch connections ensure exceptional performance

and reliability for various style torches.

Standard 14-pin connection. Connects to any Miller® CV power source with

a 14-pin receptacle.


Optional features for ST Series

Dual digital meters display clear, precise readings of arc voltage, wire feed

speed and/or amperage. Can be set to hold last reading.

Remote voltage control enables precise remote operation of the welding

power source arc voltage.

Quick-connect coolant fittings provide easy hook up for water-cooled

torches, no tools required!