XR Control

MIG Guns

Heavy industrial

Use with CC/CV, DC power sources.

See literature M/1.7

Standard aluminium wire feeding system for fabrication and manufacturing, consisting of a

control box and push-pull gun. Beneficial for difficult-to-feed wire types.




Includes both 0.9 mm and factory-installed 1.2 mm drive rolls.

Order 1.6 mm control box drive roll kit (195591) separately.

(GMAW) with aluminium and


other soft alloy wires

MIG (GMAW-P) with optional

• Pulsed

pulsing power source

Suggested guns

Simple, cost-effective push-pull feeder for

industrial applications.



True torque feed motor push-pull design provides

continuous push force to the wire while the gun

motor controls the speed at the gun. The motors

work together to provide accurate and positive wire

feed speed without wire shaving or deformation.

Digital meters ensure accuracy when presetting

and reading actual wire feed speed or voltage.

Trigger hold for making long weldments without

hand fatigue.

Adjustable wire run-in control allows arc start fine

tuning. Reduces wire stubbing or arc flaring which

can result in contact tip burnback.

• Push-pull guns (pg 26)

Suggested power sources

(pg 11)

• AlumaPowerMPa MPa

(pg 14)

• Invision

• XMT Series (pg 32–35)

Most popular accessories

Cables (pg 66)

• Extension

• Gas Flowmeter Kit 246127


Visit or your distributor

for other Miller® options and accessories.

XR-D (additional features)

Adds basic programmable weld

sequencing that allows adjustments for

preflow, postflow, start, and crater

providing higher quality welds.

Model/Stock Number

XR-S (300601)

XR-D (300687)

Input Power

IP Rating

Wire Feed Speed

Wire Type and Diameter Capacity

Maximum Spool Size Capacity


Net Weight

24 VAC,

50/60 or 100 Hz


1.3–23 mpm

(50–900 ipm)

Aluminium 0.8–1.6 mm (.030–1/16 in.)

Requires drive roll kit (195591) to run

1.6 mm (1/16 in.) wire

305 mm (12 in.)

H: 406 mm (16 in.)

W: 235 mm (9.25 in.)

D: 540 mm (21.25 in.)

19.2 kg

(42.5 lb.)

Feeding aluminium –

choose the right gun solution

Push-only Guns


Push-pull Guns



Known as standard MIG guns, these guns are only used

for occasional aluminium work.

•Typically used with hard wire or flux-cored wires in

general manufacturing

•For aluminium, guns should be limited to 3.7 meter

lengths and configured with correct aluminium liner and


Preferred guns for industrial production work with the

best overall aluminium wire feedability.

•Built for longevity

•Great arc starts and performance

•Higher amp ratings

•Air- and water-cooled models

•Work in conjunction with designated wire feeders

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