Multiprocess PIPE WELDING

PipePro® XC Welding System

Heavy Industrial

See literature PWSM/5.0


• Stick (SMAW) • MIG (GMAW)

• Flux-cored (FCAW) • RMD

Most popular accessories

PipePro Dura-Flux Gun

• Bernard

301011 3 m (10 ft.)

PipeWorx 250-15 MIG Gun

• Bernard

Q2015TF2DEL Euro connection

Designed specifically to meet the rugged demands of pipeline applications.

System is optimized to provide excellent arc performance using the Hobart® Fabshield®

family of self-shielded FCAW filler metals.

Q2015TF2DML Miller connection

PipeWorx 300-15 MIG Gun

• Bernard

Q3015TF2DEL Euro connection

Q3015TF2DML Miller connection

Feeder Control Cable

(one required per system)

300845 10 m (32 ft.)

300846 20 m (64 ft.)

RHC-14 Remote Control (pg 65)

242211020 6 m (20 ft.)

242211100 30.5 m (100 ft.)

Work Sense Lead

300947 5 m (16 ft.)

300461 7.6 m (25 ft.)

300462 15.2 m (50 ft.)

Wireless Hand Control

300430 (pg 66)

PipeWorx 400XC shown with optional PipePro XC Feeder with Bernard PipePro Dura-Flux gun

and PipePro XC RMD Feeder with Bernard PipeWorx 250-15 gun.

Power source features

Feeder features

PipeWorx 400XC power source is able to perform

simple stick (SMAW) welding to advanced RMD®

welding. The arc performance and ease-of-use is

optimized to provide quality and productivity, while

simplifying welding training.

Temperature — power source rating is based on

50°C ambient

Moisture — meets IP23 standards. Horizontal control

boards are potted

Shock and vibration — the power source base is

designed with shock mounts to reduce vibration when

mounted on tractors

Dust — Wind Tunnel Technology™ circulates air over

components that require cooling (not electronic

circuitry). Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system operates

only when needed. This reduces the amount of

airborne contaminants in the machine

PipePro XC feeder is uniquely designed to operate

with the PipePro 400XC power source to perform the

self-shielded flux-cored weld process for fill and cap

pass welding on pipelines. This economical solution

optimizes the weld process using the Hobart Fabshield

family of self-shielded wires.

PipePro XC RMD feeder provides the most versatile

welding solution when used with the PipePro 400XC

power source. It can provide MIG and RMD (solid wire

and metal-cored wire), and flux-cored (self-shielded

or gas-shielded wires). All welding processes are

optimized for pipe welding.

Equipped with a memory card reader to provide new

capabilities into the future.

Stores weld parameters for all welding processes

Enables the use of custom programs for future


Provides range locks

Provides Accu-Power™ (instantaneous power display)

Provides diagnostic information and operational

information in a text file format

Power Source/

Stock Number

PipePro 400XC

(907675) 380/400 V

Wire Feeder/

Stock Number

PipePro XC (300794)

SuitCase XC RMD



Gun features

Bernard PipePro Dura-Flux gun is uniquely designed

to perform self-shielded flux-cored with the PipePro

400XC system for onshore pipeline applications. The

gun features a dual schedule switch to enable two sets

of welding parameters — wire feed speed and voltage.

Bernard PipeWorx 250-15 gun is designed by welders

to reduce fatigue and improve visibility of the puddle on

the root pass.

Bernard PipeWorx 300-15 gun provides a heavy-duty

solution to producing root, fill and cap welds on pipe.




Output Ranges

Rated Output at

100% Duty Cycle



Amps Input at Rated Output, 50/60 Hz

380 V 400 V


380 V 400 V


380 V 400 V

Max. OpenCircuit Voltage

CC: Stick

40–350 A

350 A at 34 VDC






80 VDC



10–39 V

400 A at 34 VDC






H: 375 mm

(14.75 in.)

W: 464 mm

(18.25 in.)

D: 686 mm

(27 in.)



56.7 kg

(125 lb.)

Input Power

Input Welding Circuit Rating

IP Rating

Wire Feed Speed

Wire Diameter Type and Capacity

Maximum Spool Size Capacity


Net Weight

24 VAC, 9 A

100 V, 500 A at

100% duty cycle


1.3–12.7 mpm

(50–500 ipm)

0.9–2.0 mm (.035–5/64 in.)

15 kg (33 lb.)

H: 438 mm (17.25 in.)

W: 203 mm (8 in.)

D: 508 mm (20 in.)

15.2 kg

(33.5 lb.)