EN ISO 14343-A

23 7 N L


Cromamig LDX is designated for MIG welding of all lean duplex materials, i.e. molybdenum free

duplex grades such as 4062, 4162 and 4362.

The product ensures a weld metal with a high strength and medium corrosion resistance, compatible

with the base material. It also provides a smooth bead appearance with minimal spatter and a slag

easy to remove.


For applications with EN 1.4062, EN 1.4162 (ASTM S32101) or EN 1.4362 (ASTM S32304) base

materials. The steels are mainly used in civil engineering, storage tanks, containers etc.


Welding current:


Mechanical properties

Shielding gas:

M12, Ar + 2% CO2, 16-21 l/min

I3, Ar + <30% He, 20-25 l/min

Yield strength, Rp0.2%:

Tensile Strength, Rm:

Elongation, A5

Impact energy, CV:




570 MPa

770 MPa

25 %

20°C • 170 J

-46°C • 110 J

Ferrite content:


Corrosion resistance

General corrosion

Thanks to its high Cr content (> 23%) the

Cromamig LDX allows welds with a general

corrosion resistance at least equal to the one of

the plates on which it is used for welding, in

particular the 4062 grade with 22% Cr and the

4162 grade with 21% Cr.

Pitting corrosion

For the 6%FeCl3 medium (ASTM G48A

standardised test), the critical pitting temperature

of the above-described welded joint is determined,

by calculation, to 16°C, i.e. 10°C above the level

measured for a base metal of the 304L/1.4307

type and at the same level as that of a base metal

of the 1.4362 type.

Intergranular corrosion

As all the low C Duplex grades, in the as-solidified

condition, the

Cromamig LDX does not exhibit, on duplex welded

joint, any intergranular precipitation likely to cause

intergranular corrosion phenomena.

Product data:

Diam. Product code




Spool weight




  