Types of packaging

Electrodes in packaging type A must be stored

with the plastic wrapping unbroken in a climatically

controlled environment according to the above. If

low hydrogen weld metal is specified then electrodes

in packaging type A must be re-dried before use,

following the instructions in the data sheet or on

the label.

Elga’s non-alloy and low alloy electrodes are supplied in two different types of packaging, depending

on the required level of resistance to moisture pickup from the atmosphere in the unopened condition.

A) Cardboard box with shrink plastic wrapping.

This is the most common packaging for electrode

type 1 and type 2 non-alloy C-Mn electrodes.

B) Hermetically sealed steel can or aluminiumlaminated plastic foil vacuum pack (DryPac). This

is the most common packaging for type 3 stainless

electrodes and type 2 low alloy electrodes.

Electrodes in packaging type B are completely

moisture diffusion-proof and do not therefore require any special storage instructions. Electrodes

taken directly from newly opened packaging of this

type do not require re-drying before use.

To avoid condensation forming on electrodes that

have been stored at a lower temperature than ambient, unopened packaging should be allowed to

reach ambient temperature before being opened,

independent of packaging type.

Of these two packaging forms, it is only for type B

that Elga guarantees low moisture content at point

of opening. Products delivered in packaging type A

are guaranteed to have been tested to comply with

low moisture content following final baking in the

factory, but no guarantee can be given that they have

not subsequently picked up moisture during delivery

to, or storage at, the customer. Electrodes in type A

packaging must therefore be re-dried before use if

low hydrogen weld metal is specified.

Type 2 and 3 electrodes from opened packaging can be stored in a storage cabinet held at

105-150 °C without the risk of moisture pick-up.

It is important here that these electrodes are not

mixed together with type 1 electrodes in the same

cabinet, because the latter can transfer moisture to

the former.

Points to consider when handling and

storing unopened packaging

Handling in the workshop


Elga’s type 2 and 3 electrodes are manufactured

according to the MR-design concept (Moisture Resistant) which ensures low initial moisture content

together with a slow moisture pick-up rate.

In general, moisture pick-up of electrodes depends

on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding

atmosphere, which can be measured as the relative

humidity (RH) at a given temperature.

However, moisture pick-up occurs relatively slowly

with storage under the following conditions:

5-15 °C

15-25 °C

>25 °C

For electrodes in type B packaging the following

exposure times are valid for conditions of 26.7 °C

and 80% RH, in order to guarantee low hydrogen

level in the weld metal or sufficiently low moisture

content in the coating (stainless electrodes).

<60% RH

<50% RH

<40% RH