It all began with the development and manufacture of electric

and gas welding equipment for Sweden’s engineering industry.

Since then, Elga has continuously developed effective products for applications characterised by high demands on both

the welder and the filler material.

Innovation has been the main thread

through the company’s history. One

example is the development of cored

wire in the mid 1980s, an area in which

Elga took the lead from the start and

still remains a driving force. The latest

development stage is the outstanding Cromacore LDX flux cored wire for

LDX steel.



From the very beginning, we have

supplied the most demanding industries with forefront welding technology.

That is why you will find welds from

Elga consumables in constructions

exposed to extreme conditions. Close

collaboration with our customers has

always been an integral part of the

development process. This has given

us deep insights into the professional

welders’ world for a great variety of

end-use areas such as heavy vehicles

and equipment, shipbuilding and offshore, steel structures and energy, paper and pulp, process piping, etc.

Steel structures on- and offshore, heavy

equipment, power plants and process

piping are typical end-use areas.