Guidelines for the usage of cored wires

In order to obtain optimal welding characteristics

(arc stability, penetration, bead appearance, slag

removal) as well as optimal mechanical properties

in the weld metal, it is very important to use cored

wires in the correct manner. The essential welding

technique parameters that affect the final result are

covered in the following recommendations.

•฀ Risk of insufficient gas shield

•฀ Increased bead width

•฀ Decreased bead thickness

Recommended wire stickout



1,2 mm

1,2 mm

Welding current



Wire stickout

The wire stickout (electrode extension) is the distance between the contact tip and the work piece

surface.. The stickout can vary between 15 to 25

mm but should be kept as constant as possible.

Each millimeter change of wire stickout affects the

welding current by 3-5 A. An increased wire stickout, at constant wire feed rate, gives lower current.

A too long wire stickout can result in a cold weld

pool and insufficient gas shield, both of which must

be avoided.

15-20 mm

20-25 mm

Parameter box

In order to ensure correct usage of Elga cored wires,

it is recommended to work within the applicable

parameter box for the product and application. The

parameter box gives the recommended amperage

and voltage level to be used in order to obtain the

correct penetration, to minimize spatter, and to

achieve the specified mechanical properties of the

weld metal.

An increased wire stickout gives:

•฀ Colder weld pool

•฀ Risk of insufficient gas shield

•฀ Reduced penetration

•฀ Less spatter in the gas nozzle

•฀ Decreased bead width

•฀ Increased bead thickness (more convex)

Both Elgacore and Cromacore products have a

wide parameter box, which makes it easy to set

the correct welding parameters. The parameter box

can be found on each product data sheet, under

“Recommended parameter range”

A decreased wire stickout gives:

•฀ Risk of overheating the contact tip

•฀ More spatter

Recommended parameter range:

Gas nozzle

Wire stick-out

10-20 mm

15-25 mm

Contact tip

Arc length

Base material